IT & Technical Support Services

We can help your staff solve or overcome bottlenecks caused by technical issues.


Every established business today takes care of their online presence as, in many cases, your website is one of the first interactions prospects have with your brand. In Wesrom, we've put specific IT and technical support services in place that ensure your online assets are continuously serving your business. 

On the back-end, we cover aspects such as real time security and firewalls, malware and hack detection with immediate cleanups, server backups, regular software updates (framework, themes, and plugins), website performance and uptime monitoring, and other webmaster services whenever you need them.

On the front-end, we help with the creation of new pages and/or editing of existing ones, ongoing search engine optimization of each page, and ongoing conversion rate optimization in case you actively use your site for marketing purposes. 



Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve and Automate Credit Scoring

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Reducing Lab Test Results From 2 Weeks To 2 Minutes

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Promoting Higher Quality Nutritional Supplements In Europe

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De-mystifying The Insurance Industry With Transparent Terms & Pricing

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Keeping US Drivers Safe With Stronger Windshields

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Making Maths Fun And Enjoyable For New Generations

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Giving Busy Parents A Chance To Take A Well-Deserved Break

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